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Samuel Joseph Bacasse presents...


Updated January 11, 2007.

Attendees of the Wharton-Harvard Fiorina event link here for photos of the event

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Have you ever wondered what the desert looks like at night?

It's beautiful in an eerie and mysterious way!


The Badlands, Wall South Dakota

This summer I realized a dream I always wanted to achieve. I went to the mountain west!

I got to spend some time in South Dakota, Alberta Canada, and the Olympic Peninsula of

Washington state.

I got some great photographs of all of these places and want to share them with you!

This website is my way of sharing the visual experiences I am blessed to see.

I try to bring a new perspective to every subject, landscape and object.

I love to work at night when the world has gone to bed and it’s just me and the subject I seek.


In addition to fine art photography, I am available for photographic assignments at meetings and conventions as well as portrait and architectural photography.


Portrait work is performed in your home unless you specifically wish to use our studios. Your home after all is a reflection of who you are and I want to highlight that individuality in your portrait.


All photographs on this site are available for sale. Please check the order page to determine size, matte and framing options. We will ship anywhere in the United States and insure all shipments to protect against damage.


Welcome and enjoy… and please feel free to comment on anything you like or would want to see improved.




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