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The World Famous Indianapolis 500!

4 days of photo action

A little side trip on the way to the races.

I saw a odd sight, a boiler tractor on Interstate 68, I spelled a story!

So I stopped and shot and just as I finished John Garlitz came up in his truck and

wondered what the heck I was up to???

We talked about the trip to the Indy 500 and he said "hey want to see some tractors"?

So I went into his garage and lo and behold I get to see a 38 Farmall tractor with Treety at the helm!

Just so you know, If you ever need a tractor, or want to restore a tractor call John Garlitz at

Garlitz Equipment in Oakland, MD. He loves to tinker with them! A visit I will always remember.

On to Indianapolis