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My favorite links!!

If you want accurate information about the Nikon system lenses (Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett) click here

IF you want accurate information about digital photography(DP Review) click here

If you want to read an article in the Fairfax Connection about ME! click here

If you are interested in hand colored art photography (my friend Jan Kaulins) click here

To access the Gilmore Shows website click here

To access the Sugarloaf Shows website click here

My photographs are displayed at Paul and Partners, Inc in Dulles, VA.

You can see the photographs Mon to Fri. 9 to 6. For directions and information click here

My Spring 2007 show schedule (tentative)


January 13-14 Nautical Show Ocean City Convention Center, Ocean City MD

February 22-25 Capital Home and Garden Show Expo Center, Chantilly VA

March 2-4 Maryland Home and Garden Show, Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium MD
March 9-11 Maryland Home and Garden Show, Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium MD
March 23-25 Craftsman Classic Festival, Chantilly VA
March 30-April 1 Paradise City Arts Festival, Philadelphia PA
April 13-15 Sugarloaf Arts Fair Gaithersburg MD

Who am I?

My name is Joseph Bacasse, but for the sake of argument I will go by Joe Baca.

(I learned a long time ago that when you make a restaurant reservation you keep it simple).

I decided recently to retire from direct mail and from the company I had run for 30 years. And I decided

I wanted to take up a camera and start shooting again. What you will see is a journal of

where I go, what I see, and the things that I find.


I've been at this now for about a year and I have learned that we have a wonderful country to enjoy. The

beauty and dignity of the Olympic Peninsula, the tradition of New England, the beauty of an beach sunrise,

these are things that I have experienced and hope to share with you. I will keep you posted on the shows that

I attend on this page and the places I hope to explore next. Come back often. I usually will put new works up

every 3 months or so.

And if you like a picture you see here, buy it! Helps to pay for all the gas I'm burning up.


Come back soon!


Sam Bacasse