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Since when do urban kids and horses mix?

Since we found STEEED!

Now I wonder why is this man and this horse smiling and looking so

confidently into the future???

Because this is William Miles, Executive Director of STEEED, and he sees a lot of kids doing better in school

and being better citizens because of his organization and the programs that it offers. STEEED is an organization

that works in the inner city, offering after school equestrian, environmental and horticultural programs

that open up new worlds for these young minds.

Like other school-based after-care efforts in the District of Columbia, the STEEED after-school

program serves as a safe haven for students to participate in academically stemulating activities

after the school day has ended. STEEED offers tutoring and help with homework, but more importantly

a opportunity for these children to learn about nature and all that it offers.

Hats off to STEEED for a job well done!

To learn more about STEEED Click here

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